Ragamuffins Raised With Love

RagaMuffins Raised with Love
Welcome to Xpressions RagaMuffins. We are a small cattery that is dedicated to the health and well being of our cats. Our cats are in our home and are part of our family. Xpressions RagaMuffins believes that the interaction with our daily life, as well as giving them the individual attention they deserve, is not only our pleasure, but essential to their well being.

Although RagaMuffins are considered a robust breed, there can be some hereditary issues such as HCM and PKD. Both of which most likely will shorten the life of a cat. We DNA test for both HCM and PKD and will not breed any cat that does not clear these tests. Our kittens are also given the SNAP test.

Our RagaMuffins are bred to strictly adhere to the CFA breed standard. We breed to exhibit our cats in CFA cat shows as well as place them in loving homes. Showing our cats to judges who know the RagaMuffin standard helps keep our breeding practices true to the breed.

Our kittens are picked up and cuddled from birth. Socialization is important to
Xpressions. They are played with and handled by many people, adults and children alike. Our dog is also their companion. As the kittens mature and we feel they’re ready, we slowly introduce them to different stimuli. Music, television, and toys that make noise, some toys that have lights, some toys that are robotic are all used to help these adorable babies acclimate to their new homes as well as to the shows.

Xpressions RagaMuffins kittens will have visited the veterinarian, been given all their age appropriate vaccinations, SNAP tested, microchipped, and either spayed or neutered before they leave our home.

We are members of CFA, ACFA, The RagaMuffin Cat Fanciers, TRKBS, The Houston Cat Club, Central Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers, The Ozark Cat Club, and the Fort Worth Cat Fanciers. This extraordinary opportunity to breed this amazing breed is truly our pleasure.


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